Anti-Coup phobia! The Mocking Jay was cancelled at Lido-Scala theater.


The Hunger Game: Mocking Jay sequel starring Jennifer Lawrence is set to be released in Thailand on 20th  November, and was premiered on 18th November now has been removed from the Lido-Scala Theater. The exact reason of this action has not yet been revealed but some think that it is to prevent the group of students at Thammasat University who will hold an activity at noon.


The Hunger Games: The Mocking Jay Part 1 is a sequel movie made from the young adult Action / Fantasy book with the same name. A story about the struggle between people and the authority. The whole story is a fictitious place, from the author’s imagination. Some people however, have adopted the symbol “Three fingers = anti-government” from the film to protest the coup on Bangkok streets several times.


Recently, the League of Liberal Thammasat for Democracy (LLTD) has launched a campaign “holds three finger and popcorn to the cinema” at the Lido-Scala Theatre on 20 November, to invite their fanpages to watch the movie at noon. However, today (19 November), the Lido Theater – Scala is confirmed to be removed the film from theaters in every programs.

FYI. This movie will be showed normally in all others theaters.


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